Dec 23, 2019 in Agile
Q: What are the critical strengths of the Product Owner role?

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Dec 23, 2019
The ability to be inclusive is important. The interviewer is looking for the PO to share their understanding of the customer and their needs across the team. So the team is focused on solving the customer problems rather than simply delivering a set of epics or user stories.

The most important word for the Product Owner is “No”. Saying yes to features is quite easy and we’re all good at it. “what not to do” is what differentiates the PO from rest of the team and highlights their balanced understanding of the customer’s needs vs. their teams’ capacity.

A final strength is being a Storyteller, or in other words, a great communicator. PO is a 360-degree role, communicating downward to the team, outward to organizational peers, and upward to customers and stakeholders. Solid Product Owners leverage the power of transparency in everything they do, but they don’t count on it solely to communicate their progress and impediments. They personally take on the role of Storyteller for their backlog, team, decision-making, and results.
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