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What is a product roadmap? How will you create or help in creating a Product roadmap?

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The product roadmap provides a strategy and plan for product development. It’s driven by short and long-term company goals and communicates how and when the product will help achieve those goals. It reduces uncertainty about the future and keeps product teams focused on the highest priority product initiatives.

In addition, the roadmap helps product leaders communicate the product vision and strategy to senior executives, sales and marketing teams, and customers, and manage expectations about when significant product milestones will be completed. When stakeholders don’t feel heard or are uncertain about where the product is going, they may begin to doubt the strategy, which can lead to a toxic work environment. The product roadmap aligns the key stakeholders on product goals, strategy, and development timelines.


The product roadmap typically illustrates the following key elements:

Product strategy and goals

What products and features will be built

When those product features will be built

Who is responsible for building those products and features

“Themes” or high-level priorities

For a small organization the PO might be directly involved in creating the roadmap however in large organization, he would be someone whose input would be required.