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How Do You Create A Dictionary In Python?

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Let’s take the example of building site statistics. For this, we first need to break up the key-value pairs using a colon(“:”). The keys should be of an immutable type, i.e., so we’ll use the data-types which don’t allow changes at runtime. We’ll choose from an int, string, or tuple.

However, we can take values of any kind. For distinguishing the data pairs, we can use a comma(“,”) and keep the whole stuff inside curly braces({…}).

>>> site_stats = {'site': 'madanswer.com', 'traffic': 10000, "type": "organic"}

>>> type(site_stats)

<class 'dict'>

>>> print(site_stats)

{'type': 'organic', 'site': 'madanswer.com', 'traffic': 10000}

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