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Why Do You Use The Zip() Method In Python?

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The zip method lets us map the corresponding index of multiple containers so that we can use them using as a single unit.




 Python iterables or collections (e.g., list, string, etc.)


 A single iterator object with combined mapped values

# Example: zip() function


emp = [ "tom", "john", "jerry", "jake" ]

age = [ 32, 28, 33, 44 ]

dept = [ 'HR', 'Accounts', 'R&D', 'IT' ]


# call zip() to map values

out = zip(emp, age, dept)


# convert all values for printing them as set

out = set(out)


# Displaying the final values  

print ("The output of zip() is : ",end="")

print (out)

The output is:

The output of zip() is : {('jerry', 33, 'R&D'), ('jake', 44, 'IT'), ('john', 28, 'Accounts'), ('tom', 32, 'HR')}

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