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IoT Applications

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IoT solutions are widely used in numerous companies across industries. Some most common IoT applications are given below:

Application type Description
Smart Thermostats Helps you to save resource on heating bills by knowing your usage patterns.
Connected Cars IOT helps automobile companies handle billing, parking, insurance, and other related stuff automatically.
Activity Trackers Helps you to capture heart rate pattern, calorie expenditure, activity levels, and skin temperature on your wrist.
Smart Outlets Remotely turn any device on or off. It also allows you to track a device's energy level and get custom notifications directly into your smartphone.
Parking Sensors IOT technology helps users to identify the real-time availability of parking spaces on their phone.
Connect Health The concept of a connected health care system facilitates real-time health monitoring and patient care. It helps in improved medical decision-making based on patient data.
Smart City Smart city offers all types of use cases which include traffic management to water distribution, waste management, etc.
Smart home Smart home encapsulates the connectivity inside your homes. It includes smoke detectors, home appliances, light bulbs, windows, door locks, etc.
Smart supply chain Helps you in real time tracking of goods while they are on the road, or getting suppliers to exchange inventory information.