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What Is The Difference Between Nginx And Apache?

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Nginx :

Nginx is an event based web server

All request are handled by a single thread.

Nginx avoids child processes idea.

Nginx resembles speed

Nginx is better when it comes to memory consumption and connection

Nginx is better when you want load-balancing

For PHP, Nginx might be preferable as it supports PHP internally

Nginx do not support O.S like IBMi and OpenVMS.

Nginx comes only with core features

Nginx performance and scalability do not depend on hardware


Apache is a process based server

Single thread handles a single request.

Apache is based on child processes

Apache resemble power

Apache is not up-to the mark when it comes to memory consumption and connection

Apache will refuse new connections when traffic reaches the limit of processes

Apache support’s PHP, Python, Perl and other languages using plugins. It is useful when application is based on Python or Ruby

Apache support much wider range of O.S

Apache provides lot more functionality than Nginx

Apache is dependent on hardware components like CPU and memory

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