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What Are All Feature Of Nginx Server?

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Ability to handle more than 10,000 simultaneous connections with a low memory.

Handling of static files, index files, and auto­indexing

Reverse proxy with caching

Load balancing with in­band health checks

Fault tolerance

TLS/SSL with SNI and OCSP stapling support, via OpenSSL.

FastCGI, SCGI, uWSGI support with caching

FastCGI via PHP (PHP­FPM) support with caching

Name­ and IP address­based virtual servers


SPDY protocol support

WebSockets and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade (101 Switching Protocols)

FLV and MP4 streaming

Web page access authentication

gzip compression and decompression

URL rewriting

Custom logging with on­the­fly gzip compression

Response rate and concurrent requests limiting

Server Side Includes

IP address­based Geo­Location

User tracking


XSLT data processing

Embedded Perl scripting

TLS/SSL support

STARTTLS support

SMTP, POP3, and IMAP proxy

Authentication using an external HTTP server

Upgrading executable and configuration without client connections loss and a module­based architecture.

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