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Nullable reference types in C#

1 Answer

0 votes

Inside a nullable annotation context, any variable of a reference type is considered to be a nonnullable reference type. If you want to indicate that a variable may be null, you must append the type name with the ? to declare the variable as a nullable reference type.

For nonnullable reference types, the compiler uses flow analysis to ensure that local variables are initialized to a non-null value when declared. Fields must be initialized during construction. The compiler generates a warning if the variable isn't set by a call to any of the available constructors or by an initializer. Furthermore, nonnullable reference types can't be assigned a value that could be null.

Nullable reference types aren't checked to ensure they aren't assigned or initialized to null. However, the compiler uses flow analysis to ensure that any variable of a nullable reference type is checked against null before it's accessed or assigned to a nonnullable reference type.

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