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Mention some important functionalities of SOAP UI?

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Some important functionalities of SOAP UI are:

  • It creates a new project using only the web service WSDL link; it will get the information of all methods and import them automatically
  • It creates test cases directly from the web method request
  • It tests web methods in combination or separately. It has a very useful capability which allows datas and parameters to be passed from one method to another.  It enables you to save data in variables so other methods can access it
  • It enables creating validations on the web method results through assertions; the assertion can be created either in X-path or X-query
  • It helps in creating other types of validations like schema compliance, soap fault, response time etc.
  • It enables organizing the test cases in test suites
  • It enables running all test cases from a test suite and getting fail/pass results for each test case
  • It enables parameterization of the test cases request fields so that a test case can avail different values from a table or database
  • Using groovy it enables creating complex validation scripts
  • It has some support for web service Load Testing
  • It has some support for testing coverage and requirements management