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Understanding the Soap Response & Log Panels

1 Answer

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As explained at the beginning of this tutorial the SOAP messages are transported via HTTP protocol. Let us take a look at the RAW messages. This will help us learn how the SOAP request and response were transported by HTTP.

Step 1: Click 'RAW' Tab in both SOAP-UI request Window.

  1. The Request is posted to the webserver. Hence, the POST method of Http is used.
  2. The SOAP Request is transported in the body of the Http message.
  3. Step 2: Now click 'RAW' Tab in SOAP-UI Response Window to understand how the response is sent via HTTP.
    1. After processing the request, the Http response code (200) is shown which means it is a success. The webserver has processed it successfully.
    2. The SOAP response is sent back to the client as part of the body of the HTTP message.
    3. A Quick snapshot of the Http Response codes for easy understanding and debugging. The below table will help you to trouble shoot based on the HTTP code received from the webserver.

      Http Code Description
      1xx: Informational - This means a request received and continuing process.
      2xx: Success - The action was successfully received, understood, and accepted.
      3xx: Redirection - This means further action must be taken in order to complete the request.
      4xx: Client Error - This means the request contains bad syntax or cannot be fulfilled
      5xx: Server Error - The server failed to fulfil an apparently valid request

      Step 3: Let us understand the other information that are displayed in the test case window.

      1. Represent NO header in the request that is being sent
      2. Represents NO attachments in the request that is being sent to the web server.
      3. Represents 12 header information and the same are displayed upon clicking on it.
      4. Represents that there are no attachments from the response message.

      LOGS PANE:

      Logs pane has complete information regarding the transaction between the client and the server. Users will be able to see the tabs of the Log pane as shown below. We will discuss the most commonly used log panes when working with SOAP-UI.

      SoapUI Log – Displays the response information from the webserver. The same information is stored in soapui.log file of the SOAP-UI installed folder under 'bin' directory.

      Http Log – Displays all the HTTP packet transfer. All the information in 'RAW' is shown in HTTP log.

      Error Log – Error log displays all the errors that we have encountered during the entire project session. The same information is available in 'soapui-errors.log' present in the 'bin' directory of the SOAP UI installed location.

      Memory Log – This tab monitors the memory consumption and displays it in the form of the chart as shown below. It is really helpful when there is a memory intensive operation is performed.

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