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Learn the SOAP Message FORMAT

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A SOAP message is an ordinary XML document containing the following elements. Message can be either a request message or a response message.

After setting up the workspace which we had performed in the last tutorial, we have to create projects, test suites, test cases in order to test a given web service. Let us understand the steps involved in doing the same.

Create a Project

Step 1: Now, depending upon the project, we need to import SOAP/REST protocol. We will create a new SOAP Project.

Step 2: We will make use following SOAP request

  1. Enter the Project Name
  2. Enter the path of the WSDL request. In this case
  3. Click OK


  • Create sample request for all operations? It creates a sample request for all the available operations in the given WSDL. As soon as you enter the WSDL address, this option is checked automatically. You may uncheck it.
  • Create, a Test Suite for the imported WSDL: Creates a test suite within the project for the imported WSDL.
  • Relative Paths: It enables the user to save all the files relative to the project file.

Step 3: Upon creating the SOAP project with the above-said WSDL, we will be able to see that there are two operations that will be imported into the project.

Step 4)

Expand the first request and right-click on the 'Add.' Then click on 'New Request'.

Then Click on 'OK'. It will display the SOAP request in the XML format

  1. Enter the 'intA' and 'intB'
  2. Click on the submit button
  3. Response XML will be displayed right side pane.