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When use SoapUI PRO Version?

1 Answer

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  • Data Driven: PRO Version, helps us to work with an external data source such as text files, XML, Groovy, Excel, file, and Databases. This helps us to scale our tests with a range of inputs driven through the above-said sources.
  • Test Coverage: PRO Version allows testers to get a statistic report which shows the functionalities that are well tested and also the areas that are NOT thoroughly tested as well. The drill down reports even pinpoints exactly what has NOT been tested and what has NOT been asserted.
  • Test Debugging: You can then run the test to that breakpoint and view the current value of the SoapUI properties. The Test Debugging Interface simplifies following Test Flow, Variables, Properties, Requests, Context, and much more, making test creation and improvement more streamlined.
  • Multi-Environment Support: Working with multiple environments such as DEV, QA, Pre-PROD environment can be a daunting task with the open source version as testers need to change the end points to execute in different environments. PRO version helps us to switch between environments seamlessly.
  • Reporting: PRO version is loaded with many options to customize reports that generate detailed reports at Project, TestSuite, TestCase or LoadTest level. It also produces reports in various formats such as PDF, HTML, Word or Excel.
  • Security Testing: Both SOAP UI versions has capabilities to test for security vulnerabilities such as XML bombs, SQL injections, fuzzing, cross-site scripting. However, only SOAP UI PRO can perform vulnerability scans using Security Test Generator using a mouse click.
  • SQL Builder: For Non-Technical testers writing complex SQL Query can be cumbersome. The SOAP UI PRO's SQL Builder can help them in creating SQL Query using the SQL Builder's graphical interface. This feature helps us to accelerate the implementation of data-driven testing.


  • Support: As part of the license agreement SOAP UI Pro has exclusive support apart from the online forum support.

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