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Why use SOAPUI?

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SOAPUI is not just a functional Api Testing tool but also lets us perform non-functional testing such as performance and security test.

Let us discuss the 5 important features of SOAPUI

1) Functional Testing

A powerful tool allows testers to write Functional API Tests in SoapUI

Supports Drag-Drop feature which accelerates the script development

Supports debugging of tests and allows testers to develop data driven tests.

Supports Multiple Environments - Easy to switch between QA, Dev and Prod Environments

Allows advanced scripting (tester can develop their custom code depending on the Scenario)


2) Security Testing

Has the capability to perform a complete set of vulnerability scan.

Prevents SQL Injection to secure the databases

Scans for Stack overflows that are caused by documents huge in size

Scans for Cross Site Scripting, which usually occurs when service parameters are exposed in messages.

Performs Fuzzing scan and Boundary scan to avoid erratic behavior of the services.


3) Load Testing

Distribute the Load Tests across any number of loadUI Agents.

Simulate high volume and real-world load testing with ease.

Allows Advanced custom reporting to capture performance parameters.

Allows End-to-End System Performance Monitoring


4) Supported Protocols/Technologies:

SoapUI has the most comprehensive Protocol Support