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For many years, aluminium tubes have been used for packaging purposes in various sectors. Thanks to new printing techniques combined with the natural nature of aluminium itself, aluminium tubes remain a modern and most appreciated packaging material. The latest technologies allow aluminium tubes to be printed in 8 different colours with a wide array of finishes.The range covers capacities from 10ml-200ml.Aluminum collapsible tube is the ideal solution for ointment, gel, haire dye, toothpaste, glue, cream ketchup, salas, etc.
Collapsible Aluminium Tubes are available with the following options
• Volumes - 10ml - 200ml
• Caps - full-width, flower pot, piercer, colour matched, tamper evident
• Latex end seals (all latex free)
• Various internal lacquers to suit your product
• Aluminium membrane
• Up to 7 colour offset print
• External Over Coating: Colour or Transparent/ Semi-Transparent
• Internal Coating: Plain or Lacquered
• External Shoulder Coated Tubes
• Internal Wax Coated Tubes
• Various Types of Nozzle Shapes and Sizes
• Various Types of Plastic Closures (Customisation possible)
• Effect: Pearlescent, Matt or Gloss and Special Effects
• Eco friendly – Recyclable
Our Collapsible Tubes Are Made Of
1. Full-automatic production lines
2. Daily production can be reached 600,000 pieces
3. Six colors printing machine
4. 99.7% pure aluminum
5. Enclosed workshop
6. Inner coating resins are supplied by PPG Group
7. Aseptic packing
8. Strong quality inspection department, check the quality during sampling making and production manufacturing
9. Products : Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable,Lightweight, unbreakable,Corrosion resistant, Longer shelf-life for products
10. Customised logos and designs are available
Size: 40*200mm
Volume: 200mlcheap Paint Tube

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