Oct 15, 2019 in Git
Q: Can you please explain What is Git?

I am working on the new project and need to work on GIT, if you can please help on it?

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Oct 15, 2019

I will suggest you attempt this question by first telling about the architecture of git as shown in the below diagram just try to explain the diagram by saying:

Git is a Distributed Version Control system(DVCS). It lets you track changes made to a file and allows you to revert back to any particular change that you wish.

It is a distributed architecture that provides many advantages over other Version Control Systems (VCS) like SVN. One of the major advantages is that it does not rely on a central server to store all the versions of a project’s files.

Instead, every developer “clones” a copy of a repository I have shown in the diagram with “Local repository” and has the full history of the project available on his hard drive. So when there is a server outage all you need to do to recover is one of your teammate’s local Git repository.

There is a central cloud repository where developers can commit changes and share them with other teammates.

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