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Which of these tools is not associated with DevOps?

a) Chef

b) Puppet

c) Liebert MPX

d) Juju

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Below are the Devops Tools used Widely

Libert MPX tool is not associated With Devops. Chef, Puppet and Juju tools are associated with Devops.

The best DevOps tools for 2020

1. Gradle

2. Git

3. Jenkins

4. Bamboo

5. Docker

6. Kubernates

7. Puppet

8. Ansible

9. Nagios

10. Chef

11. Juju

Hence The Correct Answer is c) Liebert MPX

Libert MPX tool is not associated With Devops.

Libert MPX is the first truly adaptive rack power distribution unit, the Liebert MPX offers the advanced capabilities IT and data center managers need to manage increasingly complex connected loads throughout their facilities. Users can reconfigure input power and swap out receptacle modules as their IT equipment power requirements and plug types evolve.

Hence Chef, Puppet and Juju are associated with Devops while Libert MPX is not associated with DevOps.

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