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Q: In Spite of Availing Cashless Claim Facility, Do I Have To Make Any Payments From My Pocket?

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Feb 6

Yes, there are certain charges which are not reimbursable (varies as per plan and company specifications). You need to pay for this from your pocket and whatever is reimbursable is taken care of under cashless claims. Some of the charges which you need to pay from your side even though you have opted for cashless claims are as under:

  1. Registration/Admission charges
  2. Attendant/visitor pass charges
  3. Special nursing charges not authorized by the attending doctor
  4. Service charges not forming a part of the room rent
  5. Charges for extra bed for attendant etc
  6. Bed retaining charges
  7. Charges for TV, Laundry, Telephone/Fax charges, etc
  8. Food and Beverages for attendants and visitors, toiletries, etc
  9. Purchase of Medicines not related to the treatment
  10. Stationery, Xerox or certifying charges
  11. This is only an indicative list and not an exhaustive one, also this will vary across companies.
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