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Which of the following is true concerning the work breakdown structure


a The PMI WBS and PRINCE2 product breakdown structure (PBS) are

effectively the same thing.

b The WBS is the same as the organisational breakdown structure (OBS).

c The WBS is a hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be

carried out by the project team.

d The WBS is the bill of materials (BoM) needed to accomplish the work of

the project.

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The best answer is C

 i The differences between the PBS and the WBS are relatively minor,

but this is not the best answer for the exam. See:

 ii The OBS is the document that defines the lines of management

responsibility within the project. The point where the OBS and WBS

intersect is known as a ‘control account’ and defines the manager

responsible for a section of the project work.

 iii The BoM only describes the materials used in the work, not the other

elements of the project (eg, labour). The WBS defines all of the work

and consequently all of the costs.
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