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What are the most important agile Matrices?

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The following are the important agile Matrices.

Velocity – To have a clear about your progress, capacity and many more keeping track of the velocity is important. It can be measured by adding all the estimates of the stories that are approved.

Work category allocation – the work category allocation will provide a clear idea about where you are investing your time and also about the priority of the work.

Defect removal awareness – active members can produce quality products.

The cumulative flow diagram – the uniform flow of work can be checked thought this diagram of cumulative flow. Here the x-axis represents time and the y-axis stands for the number of effort.

The sprint burndown matric – it helps in keeping track of the completion of the work with the sprint.

Business value delivered – this is an entity that is concerned with the work efficiency of the team. It is used to measure and 100 points are associated with every project.

Time coverage – it is defined as the amount of time that is given to code while it is being tested. This is measured with the help of the ratio of the number of lines of code that is called by the test suite by the number of relative lines of codes.

Defect resolution time – this is a term which is concerned with the process in which team members detect bugs and also fixes them. There are a number of processes involved in fixing a bug.

clearing the picture of the bug

Schedule a fix

Fixation of a defect is done.

Report of resolution is handed.
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