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What are the new features included in the new version of SAS Programming Language?

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The main advantage of version9 is a faster execution of applications and centralized access to data and support

There are lots of changes has been made in version 9 when we compared with the version8. The following are the few:

i. SAS version 9 supports Formats longer than 8 bytes & is not possible with version 8.

ii. Length for Numeric format allowed in version 9 is 32 whereas 8 in version 8.

iii. Length for Character names in version 9 is 31 whereas in version 8 is 32.

iv. Length for numeric informat in version 9 is 31, 8 in version 8.

v. Length for character names is 30, 32 in version 8.3 new informats are available in version 9 to convert various date, time and datetime forms of data into a SAS date or SAS time.
·ANYDTDTEW. – Converts to a SAS date value ·ANYDTTMEW. – Converts to a SAS time value. ·ANYDTDTMW. -Converts to a SAS datetime value.CALL SYMPUTX Macro statement is added in the version 9 which creates a macro variable at execution time in the data step by ·
Trimming trailing blanks · Automatically converting numeric value to character.
New ODS option (COLUMN OPTION) is included to create a multiple columns in the output.

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