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Proof Git is an Open Source Distributed Version Control System

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As in above question we have mentioned Git is a Distributed Version Control System. Below are the 3 facts which will helps you to understand how it is true.

(1)Control System:-As we know Git is a cotent tracker. And it is used to store the content. Most of the time it is used to store code due some extra feacture it will provides.

(2)Version Control System:-When we store code in Git it keeps changing as more code is added. And many of developer can paralley add there code. so version control system will helps to handle history of what changes have happend. ANd Git also provides features like Branches and Merges. So version control system features will helps in Git.

(3)Distributed Version Control System:-Last features here is it has to location where repository is stored one is on Server and another one is local on user machine. It means it will store the copy of code on server as well as on developer machine. So features will be powered in Git

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