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In today's increasingly serious water pollution, water purification machines can defeat water pollution and provide users with a clean and healthy water environment. The water purifier has such power to transform decay into magic. For friends who first contact with the water purifier, they are inevitably full of curiosity about the Water Purifier Spare Parts.

Working Principle of Water Purifier:

The first stage: microfiltration membrane: removing various impurities in tap water. For example, pipeline ageing.

The second stage: compressed carbon: removing chlorine and organic impurities, such as pesticides.

Level 3: Ultrafiltration membrane: removes bacteria, viruses, spores and other substances from water.

Level 4: filter element life indicator: the interior is designed with gear structure, and the designed stroke is used to calculate the total amount of water flowing through the water purifier, thus ensuring the safety of water flowing out.

The role of water purifier accessories:

Water purifier accessories function-high and low voltage switch:

Low-voltage switch: it can protect the whole machine from water shortage and is normally on.

High-voltage switch: it senses the pressure of the water storage barrel, automatically starts and stops the machine, and is in a normally open state.

Commonly used water purifier accessories role science

Water purifier accessories function-water delivery pump:

Booster pump: used to pressurize tap water.

Wastewater ratio: adjust the ratio of purified water to wastewater and the working pressure.

Water purifier accessories function-solenoid valve:

Water inlet solenoid valve: it can prevent the subsequent filter element from receiving water pressure.

Flushing solenoid valve: to improve the flow speed of water on the surface of the filtering membrane and achieve the function of flushing RO membrane.

Water purifier accessories function-pressure barrel:

The contradiction between small water production and large water demand when storing clean water.

Water purifier accessories function-small ball valve:

Water inlet ball valve: cut off the waterway of the whole machine

Pressure barrel ball valve: cut off the water path of the pressure barrel.

Water purifier accessories-check valve and one-way valve protect filter element.

Water purifier accessories function-control panel:

Monitor the conductivity of pure water in real-time (some models have this function).

Water purifier accessories function-filter element:

The core fittings of the water purifier filter fine impurities in raw water, such as heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, chloroform waste and other harmful substances.

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