Cylinder ball hone tool are suitable for use deglazing, surface finishing, and deburring on cylinders,.
Cross hole deburring, port radiusing, and edge blending are excellent performances.
Cylinder ball hone tool can be used on both the older Numerical Control (NC) machines and CNC quipment.

Industrial Brush Namecylinder ball hone tool
DiameterCustomization锛坒rom 3mm to 200mm锛?/p>
Grits Selection60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000
Abrasive Options:SC=Silicon Carbide AO=Aluminum Oxide
BC=Boron Carbide AZ=Alumina Zirconia
UsedDeburring of engine cylinder bore
Flex Ball Hone Features:
鈼?nbsp;The resilient, flexible, soft, cutting action to create a plateau finish.
鈼?nbsp;Self-centering, self-aligning, and self-compensating for tool wear.
鈼?nbsp;Grit size ranges from 60 to 1000; higher grit numbers are finer, to help create a smooth surface finish
鈼?nbsp;Widely used in these fields, such as combustion chambers, air compressors, pumps, valve bodies, valve guides, and brake cylinders.
鈼?nbsp;Material, size, length, grits and other parameters can also be custom made according to your requirement.
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