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What is an Agile Coach?

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Another important question that we felt should be included in our list of top Agile questions on Quora is about Agile coaches.


In different organizations, an Agile coach can mean different things. The Scrum Alliance describes an Agile Coach as follows:


According to Scrum Alliance:


“Certified Scrum Coaches are experts in Scrum — in both theory and practice. They have an in-depth understanding of the practices and principles of Scrum and real-world experience in actual Scrum organizations. CSCs successfully guide organizations through the challenges of Scrum adoption. […] You will need to serve as an advisor to leaders and organizations, facilitate diverse stakeholder discussions, lead by example, and challenge the status quo.”


Essentially, an agile coach is an expert in the agile manifesto, methodologies, and coaching. Agile coaches may focus on processes and methodologies, issue tracking/story database and your workflow or on teams in terms of identifying core issues, guiding the team, managing conflicts and holding the team accountable.

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