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What are the disadvantages of Agile Software Development?

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This is the fourth question on our list of top Agile questions on Quora, and it is an important one.


There are two sides to each coin. Where Agile brings about a lot of benefits to a project development cycle, there are some uncertainties and drawbacks as well. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

In the case of large-scale software deliverables, it is tricky to estimate the amount of effort required at the beginning of an SDLC (software development life cycle).

Documentation is usually undermined and can get side-lined.

It can be tough to gauge development than in the Waterfall approach as it comprises several cycles.

Projects can become ever-lasting because in some cases the ending point is not clear

Due to continuous progress, it is hard for clients to work on a specific budget or timeline.

When it comes to designing, short development cycles may not give enough time for design thinking. Due to this, designers keep on redeveloping the experience until there is positive feedback.


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