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Studies consistently show that in typical organizations with more than 100 contributors working in software development, IT struggles to meet expectations around schedule, quality, and cost; that what is delivered is not always what the ultimate customer wants; and that the process of delivery is so long and inflexible that it is increasingly difficult for these organizations to respond to market changes. SAFe was designed to solve these problems – not by making people work harder, but by making organizations as a whole work smarter and in accordance with basic proven principles of Lean and Agile management.

SAFe changes the focus of an organization away from siloed delivery of work to the coordinated delivery of value. It does so in a way that permits the largest organization to be more responsive, effective (as opposed to just efficient) and to do so by unlocking the motivation and capabilities of the people working in the organization. What does this look like? Faster delivery that delivers more value to customers. Employees who participate in decisions about work, and who collaboratively plan for its delivery. As a result, SAI represents improvements in the area of 10-50% more employee engagement, 30-75% faster time to market, 20-50% increase in productivity, 25-75% defect reduction. Our experience is consistent with these levels of improvement.

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