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NameManicure Machine Nail Drill
CertificationRoHS/ CE
Battery2600 mAh
Rated Speed0-30000RPM
Rotary DirectionForward or Reverse
FunctionManicure & Pedicure
ColorWhite/ Pink/ Blue or Customized
1. Rechargeable-- our nail drill with built-in battery and the battery can last 2.5 hours after full charging.
2. Display Screen-- there is a display screen to show speed "0-30"and battery levels, it's convenient for you to control nail drill.
3. Low Vibration-- High quality motor in handpiece, lower vibration when you use
4. High Revolution Speed-- 0-30000RPM high speed, it's fast for grinding, cutting, carving, polishing for all kinds of nail art as well as cuticle remover.
5. Switchable Rotary Direction-- Forward & Reverse for you choose.
6. Adjustable speed, you can control the speed you want.Cordless Nail Drill factory

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