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What kind of work would you do as an agile coach? And what is not your responsibility?

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I would do almost every kind of work but still prioritize where my help will be most useful. For example, if someone would come and say to me, “I have a great idea! We have to change the framework somehow, but the other people in the team do not want that.” Then, of course, I would first ask, “Did you talk to the other people?” or “Why do they not want to do it? or “Did you get any feedback from the rest of the team?” – and then I would advise solving the problem themselves. If this is being rejected by the others in the team then maybe there is a reason for it.

But when it comes to the fact that you generally cannot develop within the team, then I can be helpful by taking a closer look at the dynamics of the team to see if everyone also has a voice to be heard. That’s why I always listen in order for me to be able to address the problem in the best way possible. I always ask critically to find the reason for why the team needs my help and of course, I also evaluate who I think is the right person for a given task.

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