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As an Agile coach how would you approach an Agile-resistant environment?

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Nov 22, 2019
This is a crucial question for candidates who are applying for a position in a company that is only starting to implement Agile into its organization. The answer may seem like an invitation to list a number of actions required to approach an environment that is not that welcoming to Agile, but this is not the case.

The answer employers will be looking for is an elaboration on how complicated this can be and the need to tailor one’s approach to a specific situation with an organization. There are innumerable ways in which organizations reject and only half-accept Agile and the candidates should display their understanding of this and share their past experiences on how they dealt with this.


One of the worst approaches to answering this question is to start to contemplate on the ways in which Agile can be implemented as a modification of the existing (usually waterfall) model of doing things. While it may show some resourcefulness on part of the candidate, all experienced and knowledgeable Agile practitioners know that these Agile-like abominations help no one.
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