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R Dplyr : Multiple keys pairs

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We can have multiple keys in our dataset. Consider the following dataset where we have years or a list of products bought by the customer.

If we try to merge both tables, R throws an error. To remedy the situation, we can pass two key-pairs variables. That is, ID and year which appear in both datasets. We can use the following code to merge table1 and table 2

df_primary <- tribble(
  ~ID, ~year, ~items,
  "A", 2015,3,
  "A", 2016,7,
  "A", 2017,6,
  "B", 2015,4,
  "B", 2016,8,
  "B", 2017,7,
  "C", 2015,4,
  "C", 2016,6,
  "C", 2017,6)
df_secondary <- tribble(
  ~ID, ~year, ~prices,
  "A", 2015,9,
  "A", 2016,8,
  "A", 2017,12,
  "B", 2015,13,
  "B", 2016,14,
  "B", 2017,6,
  "C", 2015,15,
  "C", 2016,15,
  "C", 2017,13)
left_join(df_primary, df_secondary, by = c('ID', 'year'))
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