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It is Rubin’s 3rd year in the organization he already feels quite stressed out working for more than his usual office hours the tasks that are assigned to him a repetitive and the workload is high with strict deadlines however rubens Boss has high Expectations on him and Rubin does not want to disappoint is boss proven expects a promotion the next year while at the same time he has thoughts about quitting right away because of the stress what should Ruben do in this situation

1. Ruben should sign up for a meditation course.

2. Ruben should take a one week vacation to an isolated hill station to assess his mental wellbeing. Get back with renewed commitments.

3. Ruben should cultivate a hobby like photography, travel, music or reading to avoid monotony.

4. Ruben should enroll for the fit-for-life program.

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4. Ruben should enroll for the fit-for-life program.

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