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Ansible Sibelius Module MCQ Questions and Answers 2023

Ansible Questions

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(1)You can activate your privilege escalations using which settings?



Answer is :-  (i) become=true

(2)ansible.cfg should be present in





Answer is :- (iii)/etc/ansible

(3)To store sensitive information you can use ansible-vaulte.



Answer is :- i)True

(4)Which module will you use to create a directory?





Answer is :- (i)file

(5)Ansible has two type of servers

(i)Only node

(ii)controlling machines & nodes

Answer is :- (i)Only node

(6)What is the output statement of the following snippet?


- name: test

shell: echo "hello"

register: a

debug: msg="the message is {{ a.stdout }}"

(i)the message is hello will get printed without any errors

(ii)syntax error because of conflicting action statements

Answer is :- (ii)syntax error because of conflicting action statements

(7)How can you reduce the number of SSH connections required?





Answer is :- (ii)pipelining

(8)You write comments in Jinja2 as:

(i){{ }}

(ii){# #}

(iii){% %}

Answer is :- (ii){# #}

(9)Which module can be used to copy files from remote machine to control machine?





Answer is:- (ii)move

(10)what is the default forks value in configuration file?

(i)depends upon hosts in inventory




Answer is :- (iv)5

(11)Which command tells ansible to run the playbook on all the hosts except host1?

(i)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit "all:!host1"

(ii)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit 'all:!host1'

(iii)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit "!host1"

(iv)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml -limit 'all:!host1'

answer is :- (ii)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit 'all:!host1'

(12)Ansible can deploy to virtualization and cloud environments, Including

(i)Cloud Stack

(ii)Google cloud platform

(iii)All the Options

(iv)Amazon web services

(v)Open Stack

Answer is :- (iii)All the Options

(13)YAML uses tabs for indentation, True or false?



Answer is :- (ii)False

(14)Using which module can you see the list of all the ansible variables?





Answer:- (iii)setup

(15)Which configuration management software is Agentless?





Answer is :- (iii)Ansible

(16)Ansible is

(i)All the options mentioned

(ii)Orchestration Engine

(iii)configuration management

(iv)Infrastructure as Code

Answer is :- (i)All the options mentioned

(17)Which Ansible module is used to manage docker services and containers.





Answer is :- (iv)docker_service

(18)How to define the number of parallel processes while communicating to remote hosts?





Answer is :- (ii)forks

(19)Ansible can work as a push automated deployment system and as well as a pull automated deployment system?



Answer is:- (i)True

(20)Which of the following is a valid YAML syntax?

(i)path: F:\test

(ii)All the options mentioned

(iii)path: F:

(iv)path: "F\test"\programs

Correct answer is :- (i)path: F:\test

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