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Can somebody give me all details about Tcs xplore 2022-2023?(Paper-Pattern + Previous-year paper and solutions)

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Here are some of the List of TCS Xplore Questions and Answers that can help you 

Previous year paper and solutions of TCS XPLore(in Java/Python) :


Currently,selected candidates have got the Tcs-xplore mail . Its basically a training program .


You have to give few of their tests .


If you get  more than 80% in their test ,  you will get 60,000 INR by TCS when joining TCS as incentives.  

There are two modes of the test :



You can select whatever test you want to opt for . The best score of all your tests is considered as the final score.


There are five options given to you by TCS. You can select one of them and then give that exam in TCS CPA/IRA. 

There are five different options one can take : 

1)JAVA :


3)DOT NET : 

4)MBU : 

5)ITIS :





are some of the common topics in most of these 5 options. 

So I hope , paper-pattern and syllabus is clear as of now. 

If you get good marks in the test, you get joining letter fast and also your location preference is given more weightage!!!

Hope it helps :-)

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To get more details about tcs xplore , join :

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