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Samuel, the project manager, was looking for four SAP certified resources for an immediate

requirement in the team. Despite the efforts made by connecting with RMG and arranging for many

virtual interviews for more than a week, the team was able to find only two reasonably good

resources to be hired. Since the customer was quite demanding, Samuel was pressed for time. Apart

from connecting with RMG, Samuel also took some effort in connecting with some of his old

colleagues to seek support. Rachel, one of Samuel's colleagues, introduced him to Frank, another

project manager who moderates a tech club in the organization, to help him source some of the

resources who can be hired. Frank was able to immediately call out a few names and share the

contacts. Moreover, Frank sent a message in his virtual groups. In fact, there were a few other

volunteers in the tech club who shared with Frank the contacts of few other associates too. Finally,

Frank could share the details of some of the qualified and interested candidates to Samuel in day.

This helped Samuel to schedule virtual interviews on the next day and hire the remaining two

resources and close the hiring process within two days. In this scenario, how did Frank's access to

private information help Samuel earn networking benefits?

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Frank's access to private information helped him make appropriate name-dropping which

helped Samuel to hire the right resources.

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