Oct 16, 2019 in Git
Q: Explain the advantages of forking workflow

1 Answer

Oct 16, 2019
There is a fundamental difference between the forking workflow and other popular git workflows. Rather than using a single server-side to act as the “central” codebase, it gives every developer their own server-side repository. The Forking Workflow is commonly seen in public open-source projects.

A crucial advantage of the Forking Workflow is that contributions can be integrated without even needing everybody to push to a single central repository that leads to clean project history. Developers can push to their own server-side repositories, but only the project maintainer can push to the official repository.

If developers are ready to publish a local commit, then they push the commit to their own public repository and not the official one. After this, they go for a pull request with the main repository that lets the project maintainer know an update is ready to be integrated
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