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A web administrator maintains several public and private web-based resources for an organisation. Which service can they use to keep track of the expiry dates of SSL/TLS certificates as well as updating and renewal?

A. AWS Data Lifecycle Manager

B. AWS License Manager

C. AWS Firewall Manager

D. AWS Certificate Manager

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D. AWS Certificate Manager

Explanation : 
The AWS Certificate Manager allows the web administrator to maintain one or several SSL/TLS certificates, both private and public certificates including their update and renewal so that the administrator does not worry about the imminent expiry of certificates.
Option A is INCORRECT. The AWS Lifecycle Manager creates life cycle policies for specified resources to automate operations.
Option B is INCORRECT. AWS License Manager serves the purpose of differentiating, maintaining third-party software provisioning vendor licenses. It also decreases the risk of license expirations and the penalties.
Option C is INCORRECT. AWS Firewall Manager aids in the administration of Web Application Firewall (WAF), by presenting a centralised point of setting firewall rules across different web resources.

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