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Agile E1 CBO Questions and Answers

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1) Which of the following statements are useful visual radiators?

Wall of frame to recognize the associates.

Key failurepoints and important rules & regulations on digital/whiteboard to keep the associates

aware and alert

key events and happening on digital display/whiteboard to keep the associates informed

All of the Above (Ans)

2) Which of the following is not a benefit of visualization of work

Reduced inflow of work items (Ans)

Reduced status reporting overhead

Quick identification of blocked items

Reduced cycle time of work item

3) What is the most effective way to identify improvement opportunities for Value log?

Automation team analyzes work items and identifies improvement opportunities

Performance Improvement (PI) Champion performs Value Stream Mapping and identifies

improvement opportunities

Every Team member constantly questions. "Is there a better way to do our work?",and identifies

improvement opportunities (Ans)

Team members wait for the management to set up ideation events and then identify

improvement opportunities

4) Which of the following is not true about Value Maximization Scrum?

Composition of scrum can change for each sprint depending on the Value Log opportunities

selected for that sprint

BAU remains the top priority and the team works on the value log opportunities without

impacting BAU

scrum teams members full time everyday on the value log opportunities (Ans)

scrum teams members make a little time everyday to work on value log opportunities

5) Survey Q, Non-scoring: what benefits are you experiencing with agile for CBO? Select all

that apply.

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I feel more happy and empowered (Ans)

I feel more productive (Ans)

I feel better team spirit (Ans)

I am able to see the big picture of my work (Ans)

I don't see any benefits

6) Which of the following is the least important consideration while forming a value

maximization scrum?

A) Associate's years of experience (Ans)

B) value log entries selected for the sprint

C) potential impact on BAU

D) associate's skills

7) Who can add entries to value log?

select the correct option(s) and click Submit.

Performance Improvement (PI) Champion

SMEs of the Team

Team Lead

Anyone in the team (Ans)

8) Which of the following is not an intended outcome of collective work management?

A team who makes all the decisions and a Lead who does not monitor the team (Ans)

A team that is empowered & motivated,and a Lead who acts as a mentor

A team that is self-organized and a Lead who acts as a facilitator

A team that collaborates well and a Lead who acts as a servant leader

9) What should you do when you receive a brief communication that the format of input files

will change from next month?

a.) understand the change by getting the details of the change as well as a sample input file in

the new format

b.) align your people (eg. training), process(e.g sops), and technology (e.g tool configuration) in

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accordance with the change

c.) both option (a.) and (b.) (Ans)

d.) wait for the detailed communication as you received only a brief communication

10) A BAU team is already struggling to complete their daily BAU work. So, they should defer

Value Maximiza .Select the correct option(s) and click Submit.

True - Instead of doing Value Maximization Scrum, they should rather use that time to complete

a few more BAU tasks

False - Value Maximization Scrum must be done to achieve Audit compliance

True - BAU team should only do BAU work. They should not focus on anything else, including

Value Maximization Scrum

False - They should start Value Maximization Scrum to identify the pain points and improve their

way of doing the BAU work (Ans)

11) What is the best way to continuously capture and share a team's knowledge ?

Continuously updating knowledge into a central repository (Ans)

conducting knowledge sharing sessions

Sharing knowledge during team meetings

Sharing knowlege through emails

12) Which of the following is an Agile approach for work allocation in a team?

Team lead assigns works to team members without consulting them

One of the Senior SMEs assigns work to team members without consulting them

Customer assigns work to team members without consulting them

Team lead consults team members and assigns work to them (Ans)

13) Which of the following is the most practical and Agile approach for achieving work

coordination among a distributed team?

Relocating all team members into one location to promote face-to-face conversation

Having a digital Kanban board that is common for all team members across the locations (Ans)

Designating a team member to coordinate across locations

AGILE-E1 SET-1 1. Give a piece of work to be executed in agile, how do you form a team? Ans:Team must have all required skills, headcount being less than 12.

2. How does the team know what to work upon during the iteration? Ans: The team participate in iteration planning during which the team discusses with the Product Owner and finalizes who should work on that.

3. When multiple team members are working on a related feature, how often should they integrate their work? Ans: In a scheduled daily (or multiple times in a day) frequency.

4. How should a team have quality standards built into its deliverables? Ans: By having an agreed and evolving set of Definition of Done items, which are automated wherever possible.

5. In a team, if someone gets stuck with the technical tasks during the iteration, what is the next step? Ans: The team member can reach out to other team member for help.

6. When a Product Owner brings up an interesting feature/idea, how should a team respond? Ans: Team should analyze the feature/idea based on the domain knowledge, validate the same or suggest improvement.

7. What happens if the Offshore team members are not able to participate in the iteration demo due to timezone/infrastructure issues? Ans: Offshore members will miss the opportunity to interact with the Product Owner and get the direct feedback about the increment they created.

8. How does an agile team manage requirements in a productive manner? Ans: All the requirements should be maintained in a common place such as a Wiki/Jira/Whiteboard and manage by the entire team.

9. When in a team, following location independent Agile model, there are people distributed across geographics what can be a base recommendation? Ans: The members must have at least the daily sync-up together.

10. What would be a suggested way to share and sustain knowledge with members in a team? Ans: Updating best practices, lesson learnt and other topics in a central place accessible to all.

11. In the middle of the iteration, how does a team handle requirement changes from the customer? Ans: Team has to exchange stories if the Scrum Master/Lead Convey the criticality of the changes.

12. If you are working in a customer facing agile team, who is more mature/ready for Agile? Ans: Our TCS Team.

13. What is an effective way to ensure that the integrated code is working as per the acceptance criteria/business requirements? Ans: Through automated functional tests.

14. For an agile team, what is an easy way to track the tasks? Ans: All the tasks can be maintained in a common place such as Wiki/Jira/excel/physical board/wall/any other system with an indication of 'To be done/Doing/Done'.

15. How can one ensure that the code adheres to good coding standards? Ans: The code has to pass through the static code analysis without any violations.

16. For any meeting that development team members, working in agile, have among them, what are points to consider? Ans: Options 1, 3, 4 (1- Dev team must keep.., 2- Dev team must restrict.., 3- Dev team to decide on numbers..).

17. Have you undergone any 'Living Agile' Session conducted by Agile Ninja Coaches or Unit Agile leaders? Ans: Yes.

18. If you are in an agile team, do you have distributed team members? Which of the TCS location Independent Agile models you to follow? ….. (Continue Question) Ans: M1.

19. When you have more than one agile team working on a single product, which all among the following crucial considerations? Ans: All the options are correct.

20. How does an agile team obtain clarity on backlog items that may be picked up in subsequent iterations? Ans: Team can have backlog refinement session with the Product Owner during every iteration for gaining clarity on the subsequent ones.

21. If you are asked to bring in agile way of working into the way a meeting runs, which one among the listed options will you implement? Ans: Meetings must be facilitated and time-boxed.

22. In a team that follows agile, how would a team member know about the details of what others are working on? Ans: They may know from the backlog maintained in a tool (Jira, Prime, etc.) which will show the items as assigned to members.

23.Which among the following is a recommended way to own Retrospectives?

Ans: Team discusses how they can improve their way of working, picks up one or two improvement areas for next iteration.

SET-2 1. In a team, if all the members do regular check-in of the code, then how does one ensure that the code is not broken anywhere? Ans: Through SCM (Source Code Management tools).

2. After a team member creates a working code at her level, what is the fundamental way to ensure quality of each line? Ans: Through formal unit testing using tools/softwares/plugins.

3. What do you think is a good way for team members to remain updated on work status at any given time? Ans: Having a updated physical/digital Kauban board.

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