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By default, Angular uses client-side rendering for its applications. Is it possible to make an Angular application to render on the server-side?

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Yes, it is possible to make an Angular application to render on the server-side. Angular provides a technology called Angular Universal that can be used to render applications on the server-side.

The crucial advantages of using Angular Universal are as follows:

  • Making an Angular application render on the server-side can provide a better user experience. By using this, first-time users can instantly see a view of the application. So, it can be used to provide better UI.
  • It can lead to a better SEO for your application. The reason is that many search engines expect pages in plain HTML. So, Angular Universal can ensure that your content is available on every search engine, and it is good for better SEO.
  • The server-side rendered applications load faster than normal pages. It is because the rendered pages are available to the browser sooner.

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