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What are the features of Blockchain?

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There are 5 Features of Blockchain are as follow: Increased Capacity: Blockchain increases the capacity of the whole network because there are a lot of computers working together which in total offers a high power than a few of the devices where the things are centralized. Better Security: Blockchain provides secure network by the connection of several computers called nodes which confirm the transaction on the network. There is not even a single chance of shutting down the system making Blockchain a secure system for keeping records. Trustless exchange:  Using blockchain, two parties can make an exchange without the oversight or intermediation of a third party, sharply reducing or even eliminating counterparty risk. Durability, reliability, and longevity:

 Blockchain does not have a central point of failure due to the decentralized network thus better able to withstand malicious attacks. Transparency and immutability: Blockchain technology makes transactional histories more transparent. It stores all the transactions over a distributed network which are transparent; viewable for public. Also, Blockchain is immutable (can’t be altered) for transactions because of multiple records’ storage in a single block over the peer-to-peer network.

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