Oct 3, 2019 in Artificial Intelligence
Q: Differentiate between supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning in Artificial Intelligence

1 Answer

Oct 4, 2019

Differentiation Based on Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Reinforcement Learning

Features The training set has both predictors and predictions. The training set has only predictors. It can establish state-of-the-art results on any task.


Linear and logistic regression, support vector machine, and Naive Bayes

K-means clustering algorithm and dimensionality reduction algorithms Q-learning, state-action-reward-state-action (SARSA), and Deep Q Network (DQN)

Uses Image recognition, speech recognition, forecasting, etc. Preprocessing data, pre-training supervised learning algorithms, etc. Warehouses, inventory management, delivery management, power system, financial systems, etc.

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