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in JavaScript by
What are some of the built-in methods in JavaScript and what are the values returned by them?

1 Answer

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Some of the built-in methods in JavaScriptnand the values returned by them are:

  1. Concat() helps to join two or more than two strings
  2. CharAt() helps to return the character at the specific index
  3. forEach() helps to call a function for each element present in the array
  4. length() helps to return the length of the string
  5. indexOf() helps in returning the index within the calling String object of the first Occurrence of the specific value
  6. push() helps to add one or more than one element to the end of an array and then return the new length of that array
  7. pop() helps to remove the last element from an array and return that element
  8. reverse() helps to reverse the order of elements of an array

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