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What are some of the steps for data wrangling and data cleaning before applying machine learning algorithms?

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There are many steps that can be taken when data wrangling and data cleaning. Some of the most common steps are listed below:

  1. Data profiling: Almost everyone starts off by getting an understanding of their dataset. More specifically, you can look at the shape of the dataset with .shape and a description of your numerical variables with .describe().
  2. Data visualizations: Sometimes, it’s useful to visualize your data with histograms, boxplots, and scatterplots to better understand the relationships between variables and also to identify potential outliers.
  3. Syntax error: This includes making sure there’s no white space, making sure letter casing is consistent, and checking for typos. You can check for typos by using .unique() or by using bar graphs.
  4. Standardization or normalization: Depending on the dataset your working with and the machine learning method you decide to use, it may be useful to standardize or normalize your data so that different scales of different variables don’t negatively impact the performance of your model.
  5. Handling null values: There are a number of ways to handle null values including deleting rows with null values altogether, replacing null values with the mean/median/mode, replacing null values with a new category (eg. unknown), predicting the values, or using machine learning models that can deal with null values. Read more here.