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What is the similarity and difference between cron and anacron? Which one would you prefer to use?

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Here we are going to discuss the similarity and the differences between cron and anacron. So, let’s start with the analogy:

Cron and Anacron are used to schedule the tasks in cron jobs. Both of these are the daemons that are used to schedule the execution of commands or tasks as per the information provided by the user.

Below are the Differences between cron and anacron:

1) One of the main difference between cron and anacron jobs is that cron works on the system that are running continuously that means it is designed for the system that is running24*7. While anacron is used for the systems that are not running continuously.

2) Other difference between the two is cron jobs can run every minute, but anacron jobs can be run only once a day.

3) Any normal user can do the scheduling of cron jobs, but the scheduling of anacron jobs can be done by the superuser only.

4) Cron should be used when you need to execute the job at a specific time as per the given time in cron, but anacron should be used in when there is no any restriction for the timing and can be executed at any time.

5) If we think about which one is ideal for servers or desktops, then cron should be used for servers while anacron should be used for desktops or laptops.

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