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Tell me more about yourself.

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Be careful as this question is twofold:

While the interviewer probably earnestly wants to know more about your personal interests, this question is usually more about: What other skills do you bring to the table?

These can be soft skills such as communication, time management, teamwork, and organization or they can be connected to other project management styles you’ve had before.

If a company uses more than one, they may be interested in hearing how you can manage multiple different types of projects too.

So this question then becomes the perfect place for you to highlight all the skills you bring onboard.

But interviewers are still interested in you as a person so once you answer this part of this question, you can then move on to sharing a small bit about what you enjoy doing when you’re not busy working

Bonus points if you can make a connection with the interviewer based on your outside interests.

Next, the company will want to see if you’ve done your homework on their business. So you may often see this next question pop up:

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