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Do I need special insurance coverage if I get paid to give rides in my vehicle (for example, through a service such as Lyft, Uber or Sidecar)?

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You might. Generally speaking, standard auto insurance doesn’t cover ridesharing or “livery” services—essentially, taxis. Because regularly giving paying passengers rides in your car is outside the scope of a typical personal policy and increases the level of risk significantly, you could find your claim denied or your policy canceled if your insurer finds out how you’re using your car.

Because this has become an issue, some services that connect drivers and passengers now provide drivers some coverage under a company-owned policy, but there are limitations. You should find out exactly when you are covered under the service’s policy (Whenever you are available to take a passenger, only if you have been assigned a passenger or only if you have a passenger in the car?)

And for how much. You should also tell your insurer how you plan to use the car and find out if that would cause your policy to be canceled or if you need to purchase additional coverage.
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