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Every neuron in the Input Layer represents a/an _______________ variable that influences the output.

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Correct Answer is (ii)Independent

Designing a Learning Process involves the following:

Learning Paradigm

Having a model from the environment in which Neural Network works.

Learning Rules

Figuring out the rules that aid in updating the weights.

Learning Algorithms

Identifying the procedure to update the weights according to the learning rules.

Hidden Layer

A Neural Network consists of several hidden layers, each consisting of a collection of neurons.

The hidden layer is an intermediate layer found between the input layer and the output layer.

This layer is responsible forextracting the features required from the input.

There is no exact formula for calculating the number of the hidden layers as well as the number of neurons in each hidden layer.

Output Layer

The output layer of the neural network collects and transmits information in the desired format.
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