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What are the Applications of Data Science

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Below are the Applications of Data Science:

Internet Search:

Google search use Data science technology to search a specific result within a fraction of a second

Recommendation Systems:

To create a recommendation system. Example, "suggested friends" on Facebook or suggested videos" on YouTube, everything is done with the help of Data Science.

Image & Speech Recognition:

Speech recognizes system like Siri, Google assistant, Alexa runs on the technique of Data science. Moreover, Facebook recognizes your friend when you upload a photo with them, with the help of Data Science.

Gaming world:

EA Sports, Sony, Nintendo, are using Data science technology. This enhances your gaming experience. Games are now developed using Machine Learning technique. It can update itself when you move to higher levels.

Online Price Comparison:

PriceRunner, Junglee, Shopzilla work on the Data science mechanism. Here, data is fetched from the relevant websites using APIs.

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