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What are the different types of statements supported by SQL?

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statements supported by SQL

There are 3 types of SQL statements:

a) DDL (Data Definition Language): It is used to define the database structure such as tables. It includes three statements such as CREATE, ALTER, and DROP.

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Some of the DDL Commands are listed below:

CREATE: It is used for creating the table.

CREATE TABLE table_name

column_name1 data_type(size),

column_name2 data_type(size),

column_name3 data_type(size),

ALTER: The ALTER table is used for modifying the existing table object in the database.

ALTER TABLE table_name

 ADD column_name datatype


ALTER TABLE table_name

DROP COLUMN column_name

b) DML (Data Manipulation Language): These statements are used to manipulate the data in records. Commonly used DML statements are INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

The SELECT statement is used as a partial DML statement, used to select all or relevant records in the table.

c) DCL (Data Control Language): These statements are used to set privileges such as GRANT and REVOKE database access permission to the specific user.

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