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How do you determine which piece of software requires how much testing?

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We can know this factor by finding out the Cyclomatic Complexity.

The technique helps to identify the below 3 questions for the programs/features

Is the feature/program testable?

Is the feature/program understood by everyone?

Is the feature/program reliable enough?

As a QA, we can use this technique to identify the “level” of our testing.

It is a practice that if the result of cyclomatic complexity is more or a bigger number, we consider that piece of functionality to be of complex nature and hence we conclude as a tester; that the piece of code/functionality requires in-depth testing.

On the other hand, if the result of the Cyclomatic Complexity is a smaller number, we conclude as QA that the functionality is of less complexity and decide the scope accordingly.

It’s very important to understand the entire testing lifecycle and should be able to suggest changes in our process if required. The goal is to deliver high-quality software and in that way, a QA should take all the necessary measures to improve the process and way the testing team executes the tests.

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