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What are the different verification techniques you know?

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Verification techniques are static. There are 3 verification techniques.

These are explained as follows:

(i) Review – This is a method by which the code/test cases are examined by the individual other than the author who has produced it. It is one of the easy and best ways to ensure coverage and quality.

(ii) Inspection – This is a technical and disciplined way to examine and correct the defects in the test artifact or code. Because it is disciplined, it has various roles:

Moderator – Facilitates the entire inspection meeting.

Recorder – Records the minutes of the meeting, defects occurred, and other points discussed.

Reader – Read out the document/code. The leader also leads to the entire inspection meeting.

Producer – The author. They are ultimately responsible to update their document/code as per the comments.

Reviewer – All the team members can be considered as a reviewer. This role can also be played by some group of experts is the project demands.

(iii) Walkthrough – This is a process in which the author of the document/code reads the content and gets the feedback. This is mostly a kind of FYI (For Your Information) session rather than seeking corrections.

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